Saturday, May 28, 2011

Loulouthi love from Pink Castle Fabrics

A few lovelies I picked up from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics...

Loulouthi and Essex Linen
These are just eight of the prints from Anna Maria Horner's new line, Loulouthi, along with some Essex Linen. I believe there are a total of 30 in all. They are even more beautiful in person!

Kona Solids Strips--Classic
I also picked up some Kona Solids. I am really enjoying working on my challenge quilt for the Kona Solids challenge our guild is doing, and I think I'm going to start working with solids more in the future.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

entering the blogosphere, finding my voice and embracing imperfection

maybe it's not a quilting day today...
Maybe it's not a quilting day today...

As a writer and an artist, this whole blog thing shouldn't really be such a big deal, right?  These things should come naturally: eloquent composition simply spilling from the keyboard while beautiful images magically send themselves through my camera's lens, ready for download, without the need for editing or cropping.  And with so many people writing blogs these days, it seems easy enough, right?  I have more than a few favorites I follow regularly*.  In reading these, as well as the dozens more I stumble upon each day, a basic common"structure" begins to emerge: A subject, story, or something to teach;  a pertinent photo (in focus, well-lit, and carefully composed).  Then, blogrolls, badges, and slideshows.  Contests and giveaways, the random number generator, dozens of followers and comments galore!?! Wait! How do I make sure I choose the right words, find the right photos???

I'm getting ahead of myself.  No one's reading yet.  No one knows I'm writing this.  It's just me here.

And so to follow on a conversation I had recently with another newer-ish blogger, don't think too much. Don't worry about creating the "perfect" post.  For an audience of one (me), my reasons for blogging are pretty simple: to share projects I'm working on, a place to record thoughts, collect quotes, poetry, inspiration; to share with friends and family; to network with others with similar interests.  This blog is by me, for me.  If company comes, all the better!


*shhh! Don't tell anyone I only recently discovered how to use google reader... ;) I highly recommend it.